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How to Choose your Wedding Venue

This post originally appeared as "Venue Inspiration" on our old blog Born to be a Bride.

I received an overwhelming amount of venue ideas from some of my favorite recently married girls and other friends who have gone to awesome outdoor weddings recently. Thank you to all of you! Your suggestions are being looked into! Every single one. We have three appointments booked for this weekend and I’m hoping to book two more so that we can start to narrow things down and hopefully book soon!

In the meantime, I’ve been scouring the web for inspiration and there is certainly a lot to see. For anyone looking into a beach or vineyard wedding, the best advice I’ve pulled together so far is:

1 – Make sure that you check the Farmer’s Almanac for projected rain fall before booking your date; either way, secure a tent or an indoor alternative should the heavens open up.

2 – If you are getting married between May and September, confirm that any tent or other indoor area that will be utilized during the ceremony or reception has air conditioning or fantastic fans available for your guests.

3 – Any “destination” is tough when it comes to vendors; pulling everything together takes a ton of time and effort, and the money can add up. Look for an outdoor venue that offers package options and/or a list of vendors they can a) help coordinate with and b) offer discounts through.

Aside from the logistics, I’m just excited about the beauty and magic of it all! How did you arrive at your wedding venue choice?


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