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Home Repairs You Don't Want To Delay

Many of us are guilty of letting DIY jobs lie. Before we know it, months have passed and we still haven’t gotten around to hanging shelves or putting cupboard doors back on hinges. Minor issues won’t cause major problems, but there are certain jobs you shouldn’t put off. In this guide, we’ll discuss the home repairs you don’t want to delay.

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Roof repairs

The roof of your home plays an integral role in protecting the building from the elements. If you haven’t had a roof inspection for decades, or you have concerns about missing tiles or damp patches in the attic, it’s wise to contact a local roofing company. Damage to the roof can increase the risk of water getting into the property and there is a risk of the situation getting worse. If there are missing slates, for example, or there are issues with the structure of the chimney, fixing these problems will save money and prevent further damage in the long-term. Take your time to find a roofing firm you can trust. Read reviews, ask neighbors, colleagues and friends for recommendations and ask to see examples of previous work. Always ensure that the company you choose has the relevant insurance cover and ask for full, written quotes before agreeing to hand over the job.


Damp is a very common problem, particularly in older properties. The most common signs of damp are discolored patches on walls and ceilings and a musty smell, which tends to be noticeable when you walk into a room. If you have painted or papered walls, you might also notice that the paint is dappled or that there are creases or ripples in the wallpaper. Damp is caused by excess moisture getting into the house and it is often linked to problems that affect the roof, drainage issues, and porous walls. If you have noticed that patches have started to appear on your walls or ceilings, you can see mold on the walls, or you’re worried that the walls feel damp, look for an expert in your area. It is possible to treat damp and to reduce the risk of moisture getting into your home in the future, but it’s best to act swiftly. This is a problem that will get worse with time.

Electrical issues

Are your outlets sparking when you plug appliances in, or does your electric keep cutting out without warning? If you experience electrical issues at home, it’s essential to seek expert advice. Never attempt DIY repairs. Electrical problems can be complex and they require professional skills and expertise. If you start messing around with wires and plugs, there’s a risk of injuries, which can be severe and even life-threatening. Basic steps such as turning appliances on and off at the socket and checking fuses are fine, but anything beyond this should be looked at by an electrician.

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Most of us are guilty of putting off doing chores and DIY jobs around the house. In many cases, it’s fine to delay, but there are certain tasks and warning signs that shouldn’t be ignored. If you have problems with your roof or your electrics, or you spot signs of damp, it’s wise to call in the professionals as soon as possible.

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