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Helping Neighbors Come Around To Your Home Extension

Developing a household can offer endless possibilities, one of these include extending a property past its original boundaries. This can help you secure an entirely new space, skyrocket the value of your home, and add the utility you’re looking for. For many people, this can be a great way to invest in getting higher on the property ladder without flipping houses - as the more you can invest into your home and sell it for a higher price, the better the real estate you can afford when moving next time.

House extensions can also just serve as a means by which to cater to the growing needs of your expanding family. Yet most countries stipulate that in order to have the planning permission approved, a period of notification for nearby property owners must be in place, so that they can raise questions or concerns should they need to. Unfortunately, that can throw a wrench into your plans if they choose to be difficult.

If that’s the case - then helping neighbors come around to your home extension may be a good idea. With that in mind, let’s consider:

Show How This Should Improve Their Home Value

It’s important to recognize that if your house becomes more valuable, it has a noticeable effect on the valuations of homes in the vicinity. The more your real estate provides, the more the area is desirable. For this reason, putting it in those terms, as if your investment in your own property is a lateral investment in theirs, is sure to help them soften their questions more quickly than you may have imagined.

Show Your Exact Plans For Renovation

It’s important to showcase your exact plans for renovation and what that means on the whole. You don’t have to show them an exact blueprint or tell them your exact expenditure, confidential information that remains. But you can tell them your vision, show them how this would help your family, and show that you have a strong intent and a willingness to make this right and to make it look worthwhile. Show that you’ve already booked the best roofing company to help out. You don’t have to prove anything to them, but selling them on this concept can help them put up with that construction noise more reliably.

Agree To Essential Conditions

While it’s true that this is ultimately your project to manage, it might be that initially testy neighbors feel more confident about your plans if you will agree not to commit to construction work in the evenings or at weekends, that is, work that could cause noise and distract their children from sleep. Little concessions like this can always be worth making, as most of the time (not all of the time, but enough), the concerns people may have are understandable and reasonable, requiring only a little reassurance to get right.

With this advice, we believe you’ll help neighbors come around to your home extension for good - allowing you to et started and fulfill this project with confidence.


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