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Hawaiian Shaved Ice - A Delicious Year-Round Treat to Make at Home

It’s fall y’all, and my family is making the most of the season with lots of slowed-down togetherness. Less screens, more good, old-fashioned fun. And one of the kids’ favorite additions to our fall treat lineup is Hawaiian Shaved Ice!

All summer and football season long, this snack has been a favorite at concession stands. Now that Willow’s cheer season is wrapping up, the kids kept asking if they could still have “freezies” at home. Josh and I were so excited to surprise them with our new Home Pro Shaver Shaved Ice Machine. It’s sleek, lightweight, and easy to store and use which makes this a must for parents. But maybe even more importantly, the machine makes your kids’ favorite summertime snack in seconds, any time of year.

We invited a friend over for each of the girls last Friday night, threw on sweatshirts, and went outside to let them drizzle their own flavoring on their shaved ice cups. The kids LOVED this part almost as much as eating it!

Josh and I were also pumped that unlike ice cream, cookies, and other treats, Hawaiian Shaved Ice is a gluten-free and vegan dessert our whole family can eat. Our set of three flavors included cherry, pina colada, and blue cotton candy, which of course the kids had to blend together to make “rainbow.” The cherry was probably my favorite as I’m such a sucker for anything cherry flavored, but little Goldie and her friend liked the pina colada best, saying “this tastes like summah!” in that baby voice she still has.

Speaking of babies, even Reed was totally into his shaved ice and we had to pry the empty bowl out of his hands when he was done. Definitely one for the memory books! Our play date was such a huge success thanks to this handy shaved ice machine, making a dessert that was perfect to serve as something sweet but light after the kids (and the parents!) finished dinner.

We have an upcoming Shabbat party with a couple families and we’re excited to break this out again to delight the kids. It’s an unexpected but awesome thing to have and definitely makes a statement at any party or gathering.

Lately, Josh and I have been on a decluttering binge, and trust me if anyone knows how important a streamlined pantry is, it’s me. With three kids, both of us working from home, and no basement (!) for storage, the piles really add up around here. This is why I always hesitate before bringing any kind of appliance or “grownup toy” into the house! But I was so pleased to open the box for our Home Pro Shaver Shaved Ice Machine set and find that the shaved ice maker itself is so compact and easy to tuck away. The bottles of flavor went right next to our olive oil and vinegar once done; I suppose you could also store in or near a bar or coffee cart.

As a busy mama of little ones, I am always pressed for time. It’s not too often that I can roll up my sleeves and bake cookies or a pie. But this is an easy treat I can throw together for the kiddos with or without their help, and still bond and enjoy without major prep or any kind of cleanup. These are the simple parenting wins we are always after, am I right?

Stop wasting your money buying these out of the house and bring the flavor of the ballpark and carnival home today. Trust me — your whole family will love it! Shop here!


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