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Have You Planned Your Wedding's Story?

There will come a day when you will be sat telling your wedding story to your children. They will be looking up at you with bated breath, wanting to know more about how you both met. Relying on just your memory is not going to allow you to tell your story as well as possible. However, if you were to plan out your wedding’s ‘story’ you could run them through each stage and thus, the entire day. What happened in the morning? What did you do when you first walked into the church? What did dad’s face look like when he first set eyes on his bride? What happened after the ceremony? All of these questions can be answered by pictures that speak a thousand words.

A personal fly-on-the-wall--

Video recording your day from start to finish could be an amazing gift for each other. The bride and the groom should nominate one person to record the entire day through their perspective. That person has to record everything from the second they woke up. Not only will you get to see the wedding day from two different and very personal perspectives, but some of your own questions could be answered. Maybe you were planning to be showered with certain kinds of flower petals but on the day, you thought it was odd that they weren’t your choice. You might learn that they were unable to be delivered for some reason, so the groomsmen ran out of the church to a local florist and bought what they could. Little behind-the-scenes footage like this, is why you need to have a personal fly-on-the-wall following you around on your wedding day.

How you frame it --

For once in your life, you get to have every single thing your way. The wedding day is about being selfish, it's about wanting and deserving the best things in life. Use this day to your best ability! Your wedding day should be framed exactly how you want it to be. Do you have a particular fantasy in mind? Maybe you want to capture a moment where the newly married couple is watching the sunset. Hiring a specialist photographer who knows how to frame stories is essential for your wedding day. This kind of Website offers you services that will capture each personal and public moment of your wedding. They will get the lighting, angle, height, white balance, filter and focus just right. They also have advanced black and white treatment for photos so the two-tone shots won’t look as grainy as other services. They do a documentary-style instead of forced posing. Their passion is to capture genuine moments at your wedding.

A signing off letter --

At the end of the night, when the ceremony and party are over, don’t go to bed without writing a signing off letter. Both the bride and the groom write and sign a letter of how they feel right now. This magic moment should also be captured in your handwriting. Write a few sentences so you can both look back and realize how you felt about each other as the day was ending.

Have you planned the narrative of your wedding? It's all well and good to decide on the venue, catering, style, etc but, you should be selfish in how you capture your special day too. Tell us about it in the comments!


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