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Getting Organized When Moving To A New House

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

If you’re moving to a new property you’ll have plenty of different chores to get through. To get things off to a great start, focus on these five areas, to help you get organized.

1 . Clean out your rooms

When you move to a new house you’ll need to clean out your rooms, disposing of any belongings that you no longer want. Selling your unwanted items may be helpful during this time, (since moving can be expensive). Alternatively, you might consider the option of donating your items to thrift stores? If you have a lot of bulky furniture items to get rid of, a house clearance service might be easier.

Once you’ve removed the clutter it’s time to deep clean your home. If you prefer you could hire a professional cleaner, to save you the time and stress.

2. Plan your moving expenses

Moving home involves lots of different costs, and so you must budget for all these beforehand. You’ll need to pay real estate fees, surveys and valuation fees, legal fees, and insurance. Other expenses include paying for removal companies or paying to have your house cleaned.

If you need a top-quality moving company takes a look at SMARTBOX Solutions, Inc. The company offers support with long-distance moves, local moves, and storage options.

3. Pack up early

It’s a good idea to pack up your belongings early, this way you’ll give yourself plenty of time. When you’re packing, ensure that you label your boxes, and pack delicate items with care. Some moving companies will include packaging, which makes the process that little bit easier.

When you’re packing it’s helpful to create an inventory list. This way, you can keep track of all of your different items, and ensure that nothing gets lost. An inventory list is also necessary when getting your items insured.

4. Settle your accounts

Before you move you’ll need to settle your accounts, including your gas, electricity, water, and so on. Some providers may offer you the option to easily transfer your accounts to your new property. Paying up your bills in advance will ensure that there are no unexpected fees to pay once you’ve moved.

5. Get your kids prepared

If you’re moving home with children you’ll need to closely consider them during the moving process. Some children will feel sad and frightened about leaving their current home. It’s important to have a talk with your kids and address their feelings. Perhaps your children are also moving schools? In this case, ensure that you support them to keep in touch with their close friends.

6. Carry out an inspection of your new home.

Most homeowners will have to carry out some basic maintenance and repairs when moving into a new property, especially if it's a fixer-upper or has been empty for some time. As such, this should be one of the first tasks you should complete when moving home so that you can begin to focus on making the house a home.

For example, you should thoroughly inspect the property, looking for any signs of damage. For example, is your roof missing shingles or showing signs of water damage? If so, you need to resolve this issue sooner rather than later - especially as this could lead to long-lasting internal and external damage to your property. Ideally, you should ensure that your roof inspection is carried out by a licensed professional who may be able to pick up on warning signs you’d miss yourself. This will make it easier to organize repairs and give you greater peace of mind come moving day.

Once you’ve gone through these practical stages you might like to start thinking about decor ideas for your new home. There are plenty of home decor tips online, to keep you up to speed with the latest trends.

Working your way through these steps will help you to get nice and organized before you move. Starting the process early will ensure that you ease the stress and feel nice and relaxed about moving.


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