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Five Frugal Furniture Money-Saving Tips

When it comes to styling the home, the furniture is really where your decisions matter most. The right mix of form and function, and the ability to find furniture that fits the style you’re looking for is all crucial to the room’s final look. But furniture shopping can be extravagantly expensive. How do you save the money you would otherwise spend trying to outfit a room with the furniture you need? Let’s look at a few tips below to find out.

Take the Floor Sample

For many pieces of furniture, when you go to the store, you’re not buying the same piece that you’re looking at on the floor. After all, given that it’s on display out in the open for anyone to see and touch, there’s a chance it might have some superficial damage. But that’s where the savings lie. Consider asking the store owner or manager if they would be willing to sell the floor sample.

If they are willing, then you’re very likely to be able to buy it at a steep discount. After all, there’s little chance they would be able to sell it at the full price given the potential for someone to have left a mark or done some unseen damage. Yet, in most cases, it’s going to be in like-new condition.

Never Buy Without a Deal

Nowadays, the internet has made it incredibly easy to find a deal to save on just about any kind of product. For instance, you can look at this Linen and Hutch code made available to all readers of the blog. But it’s not exclusive to that brand or this blog, either. In fact, there are websites and add-ons for your browser that can a) automatically find codes and apply them at the checkout of most online stores or b) help you find the latest coupons, vouchers, and deals for all kinds of items. Bookmark a few of the big deal-finding websites and it’s not just furniture, you won’t be buying anything at full price anymore.

If It’s Broke, Fix It

One of the easiest ways to save money and to end up with a piece of furniture that you love is to take better care of furniture that you already love. All too easily do we consign our more “experienced” pieces to the landfill when, with a few repairs, some upholstery cleaning, and maybe a lick of paint, we could make it as good as brand new again.

It will almost always cost less to rejuvenate an older piece of furniture than to have to buy a totally new replacement. You can extend the life of a piece of furniture you love and it might even become something of an heirloom if you can preserve it enough to give to the next generation of the family.

Time Your Buy

If you don’t have an old treasure that could use some love and you can’t find a great deal, then perhaps simply waiting and timing your purchase rise could still see you making some serious savings. There are two periods where you’re likely to see better sales and to haggle down prices. We’re not talking about seasonal sales, as those aren’t exactly a great time to save money, believe it or not. Rather, most stores have sales targets to meet at either the end of the month or the end of the business quarter. In order to meet those targets, they will start to slash prices and be a little more open to negotiation.

Teach an old couch new tricks

Aside from simply restoring and repairing pieces of furniture that have seen better days, you can also repurpose them and up-cycle them in a wide variety of ways. For instance, aside from simply cleaning the upholstery, you could switch it out for a new one entirely, or paint a piece of furniture a new color to better help it suit a new look.

There are are a lot of furniture upcycling projects that can completely change the function of a piece of furniture, as well. For instance, you could easily turn a set of drawers into an open storage unit or refurbish and indoor chair to make it more suitable for the patio or deck outside.

If you’re frugal-minded, you can make any home decorating project a lot less expensive. By being better at finding those deals and being more willing to retouch those older pieces you gave up on, you can maintain a gorgeous looking room for a lot less.


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