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Feeling Pretty in Preggo Leggings

This post originally appeared on our old blog, Born to be a Bride.

I was super pumped to receive my Preggo Leggings after a long period of only ordering things for the girls. (Moment: it is so exciting that I get to say that now! Less than three months until I’m a mom of two girls!) Anyway, I have to share with you how pumped I was, and am, about these pants.

Ask any pregnant lady and she’ll tell you: maternity pants are a pain in the, well, everything. They’re a pain in the bank account because you literally cannot find quality jeans for under $100. They’re a pain in the butt because they sag down unflatteringly throughout the day, leaving you hiking them up constantly.

Maternity pants are a pain in the stomach because they either hit you below the bump too tight and pinch when you sit down, or they go over the bump and the panel doesn’t stay up so again, hiking. And finally, they’re a pain in the mirror because no matter how cute you hoped they’d be, they just never look as good on as they did in your mind. Well, I’m officially cured of my loathing of maternity pants after receiving these rad moto jeggings from Preggo Leggings.

Here’s the deal: Preggo Leggings come in a logical, number-less sizing system more like a legging, but they offer (like mine) the look and feel of a jean. As soon as I slipped these on, I did a little test squat to see how comfy they were, and sure enough they feel just as good as my softest maternity leggings. But these “Blue Crush Motos” have the structure and style of a jean, despite their major stretch and comfort factor.

When I pulled them on, I also noticed an adjustable interior strap that can be used to cinch the band at the top. This brilliant and discreet tool allows you to wear Preggo Leggings way earlier than you could wear a typical maternity jean, because they’ll stay up over your bump even when it’s just starting to grow.

I found these easy to style and wear around town with the family for a fun Saturday — nabbing cotton candy and snapping pics at a street fair in our town, major park hangs with the two-year-old, and even an afternoon nap. I love the statement-making blue as well; these will look awesome with everything from a plain white maternity tee to a fun date-night top. And, they’ll work especially well on those cooler summer nights paired with a flat sandal and a long-sleeved black tee.

I couldn’t be happier with my Preggo Leggings and I know when you rip into your package, you’ll feel the same way. Finally, a pair of maternity jeggings that fit your body and your budget. Does it get better than that? This seven-month-bump yielder says absolutely not! Happy Weekend, friends.


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