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Feeling Better About Yourself: 4 Methods for Many Frazzled Moms

Being a mother can feel like one of those thankless tasks on occasion. You work yourself to the bone and don't always feel like you get validation for it. Sometimes we don't feel good about ourselves as a result, but this is why we've got to take the law into our own hands on occasion and learn how we can feel better about ourselves as busy parents who may feel worse for wear. What are some of the things we can do?

Switch Up Your Look

You might be lusting after something like botox surgery or you may think that you could benefit from a new hairdo, but sometimes switching up your look is all you need to feel more rejuvenated in yourself. Changing your look can make you feel like a whole new you. Sometimes we get sick to death of the person staring back at us in the mirror, and when we make changes to our look, whether they completely alter how we look, like Botox, or we think about something more minuscule, it is that little message to yourself that you are worth investing in.

Be Better to Yourself

It's so easy for us to feel like we are beaten upon because we're doing so much, but when you start to take care of yourself, you are sending that message to everybody that you deserve more respect. Stop doing something nice for yourself every day should be part of your daily routine, even if you feel like you don't have the time to do anything for yourself because everybody else needs looking after. But you need to be firm with this and spend five or ten minutes every day doing something that is just for you, and you should not be interrupted. Even if it's something as simple as a lie down for five minutes, you might feel guilty that you are doing something for yourself when you should be doing stuff for everyone else, but self-care is the most important lesson we can all benefit from when we struggle to feel good about ourselves.

Don't Worry About Perfect

When we feel like we've got to do things perfectly or we spend time doing our kids' hair only for them to mess it up, this can fuel our fire. We can get frustrated, but we can also feel that we are doing things that are completely pointless. Instead, we've got to make our peace with the fact that sometimes we are just doing our best, or we have to settle for “good enough” on certain days. Rather than opting for “perfect” every single day, which is only going to set the bar way too high, think about just getting through the day.

Nourish Yourself

Whether it's a healthy meal or doing something like meditation, if you are struggling to feel good about yourself, doing something that you benefit from will only work to give you a better understanding of how to look after yourself, but it also helps you to do the things that you know are good for you deep down. Many parents that push through feel that they're not doing everything they can for themselves and believe that they're meant to suffer, but instead, doing something that nourishes yourself can make all the difference.


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