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Easy Bridal Shower Centerpiece DIY: Born to be a Bride

This post originally appeared as "DIY Sundays: Easy Bridal Shower DIY" on our old blog Born to be a Bride.

It’s been a while since I did any cool DIY projects for the blog, but summer’s here and this mom-to-be is feeling pretty crafty. Sunday afternoons are a great time for lounging in the living room with your honey while he watches sports and you break out the DIY materials. Today, we’re making these awesome watering cans that double as bridal shower decor and favors.

This girl loves a theme, and in keeping with the idea of “showering” the bride with happiness, I thought it would be cute to create fun watering cans to use as table centerpieces at a shower. There’s the double meaning too, in the idea of watching their love grow. You can use these as mentioned, in the center of each table, and fill with just about anything that strikes your fancy from fresh or silk flowers to favors for the guests or pens and other supplies for the games. They also make a great card station for anyone who didn’t bring a physical gift.

The idea here is to use a bit of everything — whatever would speak to the bride. You can paint these if you want, but I chose collage because it’s my favorite medium. If you go this route, you can do like I did and just cut pretty images out of magazines that are in keeping with the theme of the shower. You can also personalize it by adding photos of the bride and her groom (print her engagement pics off Facebook!) or simply writing her name or a special message in a pretty Sharpie (I chose gold).


This project is almost embarrassingly easy to do. Just use Elmer’s clear school glue on the back of the magazine pages, making sure to press and hold for a good ten seconds while applying them, so they’ll stick. When you’ve finished with your images and texts, seal the deal by coating with Mod Podge all-over, using a one-inch flat paintbrush. I prefer glossy Mod Podge but this is totally up to you, of course.

Sprinkle a little glitter on barer areas while your Mod Podge is still wet, and then leave to dry for about an hour, depending on the humidity. (I’m in DC, so it’s super-humid these days!) And girls, that’s it! Have fun.


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