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Creative Baby Fashion Ideas: Breaking the Set

This post originally appeared on our old site Born to be a Bride.

One of my favorite tricks for making a baby’s outfit look really cool is to break up a two- or three-piece. Don’t get me wrong — coordinated ensembles are absolutely adorable, but when I see an outfit that comes with more than one piece together, the first thing I think is how I can separate it and use each one in different ways. I’ve been known to dig through the clearance racks at Target for good stuff. We also received a bunch of sets for her as baby shower or welcome gifts. Here are some of my favorite ways to mix things up:

Check H&M’s three-piece ensembles and get ready to maximize your outfit potential. These awesome foldover leggings were a constant go-to for Wills from when she first came home from the hospital until about 10 weeks. She has a similar pair in size 4-6 months that are red and white polka dots (part of a Minnie Mouse three-piece). Try and separate the items in the drawer so that you can see each piece as its own entity and draw out the colors for potential pairings. Here, I have these skinny harems with a decorative onesie I purchased as a two-pack from Zulily. A red Christmas-themed bow from Target polishes off the look. This entire outfit cost less than $10 (the pants were actually being sold separately at H&M because they’d come apart from the rest of the set. A typical three-piece from the chain will run you between $8 and $15 and many are organic cotton).

Tights as pants is another great trick I adopted soon after having Wills. Since baby socks and shoes are hard to keep on tiny people, and footie pants can too closely resemble pajamas, this is a fun middle ground that earns loads of compliments. This pair was sold separately, but I always buy the Carter’s or Circo sets that come with tights and break them up, too.

Here, Willow is wearing a crochet crown purchased on Etsy and a simple floral onesie by Ralph Lauren. To leave the apartment and visit our neighbors this day, I put a pink cotton cardigan, also part of a set, on over this. The RL onesie was a gift, but you can find similar ones in a two-pack from Macy’s or Lord & Taylor for about $30. Also, check your local Marshall’s and T. J. Maxx for similar.

Mixing brands, materials, and even crazy patterns is totally doable as long as you keep a theme in mind. As you can see here and above, color is typically the theme I go with. This floral cap from American Apparel is so adorable and works in any season. The cheerful unicorn onesie was $5 at Target (are you sensing a theme here? I spend a lot of time at Target!) and the pants are part of a two-set from Kissy Kissy.

I absolutely adore these ultra-soft, pima cotton pants. Since they’re a pricier item and such high quality, I wanted to make sure Wills got tons of wear out of them, but didn’t always want to pair them with the same top. I sometimes put the top with jeans or black leggings, and I’ve had her in these pants with all sorts of crazy outfits.

Speaking of which, here is the top to that same Kissy Kissy outfit. I just love these teddies! The motif is so super-sweet, I thought it would be fun to punch it out by adding Willow’s “party pants.” These were handmade by Trendy Twins Company, one of my favorite mom-shops (use code ROSEGOLD for a discount!). The bow was an Etsy find.

Oh my goodness. The sweetness. I just want to wake her up and kiss her. This was taken in Texas and the photo is missing her awesome pink cowgirl boots because I took them off so she could snooze more comfily. Anyway, this turban is actually a handmade headwrap that you can wear, too — it’s from Hammer and Pepper. To tie like this, I lay it flat with the center on her forehead, pull to the back, cross, and bring back to the front to tie a simple bow. This is a basic black onesie from the Buy Buy Baby clearance rack and the tights were cheap, too. The pink tutu is part of a newborn three-piece ensemble by Carter’s. I loved each piece in the set but together it was a lot of pink. You can also buy these tutus separately for about $7, but I got the three-piece outfit on sale for less than $5.


So, this was really a mix of everything! The bow was from a Christmas outfit set I dug out of a clearance bin (you guessed it — at Target). The fuzzy jacket is part of a three-piece Carter’s ensemble that came with a onesie and leggings. The bow onesie is from the same two-pack as the fancy black one you see at the top of the post, and the pants are from a Valentine’s Day two-piece. Again, I went with red, black, and white and just carried the colors throughout. I paired this with little black socks to go out.

When it comes to dressing Baby, for me it’s all about fun. Well, comfort first, then fun. I love putting Willow in cute little outfits and switching her style up every day. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on clothes, either. Work with what you have! But breaking up those two- and three-piece ensembles is a great way to get started in creating a unique look for your little. Have fun!

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