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Child-Friendly Flooring Options For Your Home

An estimated 390,800 children under 15 visit the hospital with injuries resulting from a fall at home, and out of them, 60% were under five. From this statistic, safety at home is not something to take lightly. It may be time for you to think of how to make your home child-friendly and a good place to start is with your floors. Does your toddler or child keep slipping or tripping on your floors? Here are four child-friendly floor options to choose from.

Area rugs

If you're after something temporary, just until your child is old enough to stop tripping, then area rugs are it. They're soft and comfortable, and your child could easily fall asleep on them. Besides being much more economical, area rugs also offer convenience as they're portable and easy to wash. Consider getting ones made of natural fibers; they’re a much more sustainable option for your home.

Wood flooring

Hardwood floors are a practical way to go in keeping your kids safe, and the additional advantage is that they don’t go out of style. This makes them a good option if you're looking for ways to give your home a new look. You could also mask your wood floors with area rugs for additional safety. They are also very easy to clean; you could vacuum or sweep. They’re even more resistant to bacterial infection, mold, and pollen because they’re less porous.

You should know that wood flooring is prone to scratch, but it can be fixed. You could equally pick camouflaged flooring with natural lines or stylized imperfections that can help mask the scratches that your kids could make with time. When it comes to choosing the type of wood, opt for lighter wood colors as it is difficult to note scratches.

Vinyl flooring

Having kids comes with a lot of expenses. According to the USDA, parents could spend about $233,610 by the time a child turns 18. You don't want to have to add floor renovation to those expenses. By installing a vinyl floor, that money could be put to other use. It’s easy to clean, too; grab a rag and a mop, and you’re good to go. They create beautiful and ideal grounds for playing, even with pets! They're impermeable and soundproof, making it possible to sneak away after putting a light head to sleep. They're resistant to whatever damage your child does to it and can last throughout their childhood.

Laminate flooring

With laminate flooring, you can achieve a beautiful, sophisticated look that resembles wood flooring. It's durable, burn, moisture, and scratch-resistant. It's also very easy to clean; all you need is a vacuum cleaner, a broom, and a mop to keep it looking new. It comes with a variety of designs too. It can also be recycled and doesn’t accumulate dirt and dust like carpet. Bear in mind that it's slippery when wet; you may want to clean spills immediately or go for other floor options for places where there's frequent contact with water.


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