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Brilliant DIY Low Maintenance Garden Ideas (They Will Give You More Time To Enjoy your Outside Space

You only need to ask yourself one question when it comes to determining whether you need a more low maintenance garden. It is whether you would like more time to sit out in the sun and appreciate it? If the answer is yes, then you are probably spending too much time looking after your outdoor space rather than enjoying it. An issue that the DIY suggests below can help you resolve.

A water feature without a pond

Many people love to have a water feature in their garden space. In fact, they can be very relaxing and help to cool the air in the hot weather as well. Of course, they do tend to lose some of their appeal when it comes time to maintaining and cleaning them. After all, this can be a tricky task that usually involves dealing with nasty pond scum and getting pretty wet.

The good news is that there is a DIY you can use that will negate this problem. It's installing a pondless water feature. A device that is readily available in solar form, or one that with a few supplies you can knock up yourself.

A concrete paver patio

Another smart DIY for a low maintenance garden is to put in a patio. In fact, a patio is a great deal easier to take care of than grass. The reason being that it will only need an occasional sweep and an even less regular power wash from time to time.

Of course, for your patio area to be as low maintenance as possible, you need to choose the right type of pavers or slabs. Happily, there is a wide range available, including concrete pavers for patios that you can install yourself. A variety that you will find need barely any maintenance at all.

Ditch the lawn altogether

You may even decide that you are spending far too much time cutting the grass altogether. Something that may lead to you getting rid of your entire lawn and replacing it with gravel, a deck, or even fake grass.

Of course, all of these options do not require regular mowing, feeding, or wedding, so will definitely provide you will more time to sit out in the sun and enjoy your outdoor space. They are all possible to install as a DIY project as well. Just be sure to do your research and have a clear idea of what you are doing before you begin.

Go for modern style beds

There is no denying that traditional flower beds can look gorgeous during the short time in which they flower. However, they can be incredibly intensive to maintain with planting, feeding, weeding, cultivating and cutting back just some of the jobs that will need to be completed.

To that end, choosing a more modern style of bed and planting in your garden can be the best option. A form that may include more sculptural plants such as succulents that need little water and can be surrounded by gravel. The latter providing not only a decorative feature but also prevent weeds from going through as well. Thus ensuring the time you spend in your garden is for relaxing with the family rather than tedious maintenance.


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