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Bridal Shower Inspiration -- a Look back at Mine!

Updated: Nov 26, 2018


This post originally appeared on our old site entitled "Showered in Love -- Part One."

I would like to extend a thank-you of immeasurable size to my devoted mother and sister-in-law who, on Saturday, threw me the most exquisite bridal shower in the history of the world. Or at least the history of Long Island. I had an inkling that some sort of female-dominated celebration with cake and gifts was coming my way, but I never anticipated all of the incredible details with which the day would be infused. My top three were as follows:


Poufs. Allie found these on Pinterest, I believe, and set about making them. She clearly had fun doing so, or at least recognized that I would want a lot of them, because they were everywhere. And they were beautiful. You can find a how-to on similar poufs here. Mine were white and pink, and arranged artfully not only in the party areas but surprisingly upstairs in my childhood bedroom, too. I highly recommended making these for any shower, kids’ party or rehearsal dinner on your horizon. They’re a total conversation-starter and everyone loves them!

Lilacs. On Saturday morning, I was ushered down the back stairs of our home with my eyes closed and directly out onto the porch, because our florist was in the kitchen whipping up secret arrangements that I was not to see until the party. When I descended the main stairwell in the front to enter my party hours later, lilacs were everywhere. I thought it was really cool that Mom and Pookie swayed from the obvious choice of pink for the flowers, instead bringing a lovely pop of lavender into the party. I adore the color purple, and sometimes it does not get enough attention in my life.


Love. Second-cousins and childhood friends, the wife of our best man and five cheerful bridesmaids… family, friends, and family friends… everyone was there. My baby brother served as event photographer and my dad showed up at the end with a massive container of his famous charred chicken to fill any bellies that were not yet stuffed with olives, cheese, salad, salmon, risotto, and cake. My older brother phoned in from his workday in Connecticut to tell me that he was sure my shower was beautiful, but the best part is building a life with the one you love. These words were so meaningful and appreciated.


The theme of the party was “Our Giulietta found our Romeo” and have I ever! I’m lucky to have him, and he is lucky to have me, and we are truly luckiest to have such a wonderful group of people around us who care for us and make us feel their adoration on special days and not as special days. On Saturday I was showered with love in the most generous and beautiful ways.

And on Sunday, we woke up for our third attempt at an engagement shoot… and found ourselves showered with RAIN.

More on that soon. And I will be posting more photos of the shower as soon as my mom forks over the memory card!


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