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Boho Wedding Hair Inspiration

This post originally appeared on our old site Born to be a Bride, as "All About Hair."

Josh loves a bohemian hairstyle, often requesting that I make small side braids or throw a flower in it on our way out the door. For the wedding I definitely want to look polished but still give off the slightly hippie-ish vibe that is representative of our style. I’m not sure yet if we will incorporate a braid (waterfalls are lovely), very loose waves, some flowers or a fabulous hairpiece, but here are some inspirational photos from Style Me Pretty, where I tend to live these days.

On the big day, I just want him to see me and smile. I want him to be blown away by how I look, and any of these goddess-like ‘do’s would definitely work. It’s just a matter of picking one that is effortlessly beautiful and both whimsical and classic at once, something I will love forever when looking back at my wedding photos. Now, the lovely photos:

Wedding style, boho bridal hair inspiration for the bride to be.


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