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Birthday Gift Ideas For Young Children In The Family

It’s often crazy to think how quickly a whole year can go by and you’re suddenly finding yourself with another birthday to buy for. When it comes to young children, they mark this on their calendars - in their heads - and will likely plan ahead as to what they’d like to get for their birthday.

If you have young children in the family and you’re often found struggling to think up a good gift, then there are plenty of ideas on the internet. This guide is one of them! Let’s look at some birthday gift ideas for young children in the family.

Millennial dolls

Dolls are and will always be a trendy toy to own. Many have become collector’s items and therefore will always hold some special value in the toy world. 

With that in mind, if your child loves playing with dolls or has shown an interest in dolls recently, then it’s worth taking a look at the latest in millennial dolls. Like the dolls from LOL Surprise, one of these would likely go down very well.

Reading books

If you’re looking to encourage your children to be more active in their reading habits, then reading books is a great option. It’s something that can provide them with growth and it’s an interesting hobby to take up that they’ll likely carry on into their adulthood.

There are plenty of reading books for all ages, so take a good look at your local bookstore or if your budget is limited, you could always take them to the library to pick out some birthday reads!

A trip to the zoo

There’s nothing quite awe-inspiring than gazing upon animals you’ve never seen before. As young children, a lot of the animals that they come in contact with at the zoo are going to be animals they’ve never seen before. Perhaps they’ve only seen them in the picture books they’ve read 

A trip to the zoo might be just what’s needed for a birthday weekend. It’s a great opportunity for education too.

Provide coupons

If the budget doesn’t stretch to lots of presents right now, why not provide your child with coupons? For young kids, this can be a lot of fun and it can be a strategic way of cutting costs down and spreading them out. A promise of a toy or an activity is a great way to make the birthday treats last longer too.

Take them on an adventure

Finally, if you’ve got the money and time available, why not take them on an adventure? It could be a trip to a local town or somewhere within the country, or it could be abroad. Depending on the birthday age or the time of year, it could be a great opportunity to well and truly spoil your child and the whole family for that matter.

Birthday ideas are something you want on the back burner for when you’ve run out, so make sure to jot these down somewhere for future reference when needed.


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