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Bathroom DIY Jobs You Should Learn Before You Have Kids

Figuring out how to DIY in the bathroom is something you should do before you have kids (Afterward, you just don’t have time!)

But what should you be learning, exactly? Let’s take a look.

Painting The Walls

Painting the walls is pretty basic and something you can learn to do in an afternoon. Adding a pop of color to your bathroom can make it a more inviting and welcoming place. Daring color patterns are currently all the rage.

Effective painting is a pretty straightforward process. First, you apply the decorator's tape around the edges of the area you intend to paint. Then you cover the floor in protective sheeting and apply the undercoat. Then apply one or two coats of topcoat and you’re done. It’s really that easy.

Add Hooks And Towel Racks

Adding hooks and towel racks to your bathroom is another fun DIY project you can try. Adding floating cabinets and hanging shelves for towels, cleaning products, and extra toilet rolls can make a significant difference in your bathroom’s utility.

When installing studs or anchors, make sure they’re suitable to support the weight of your shelves. Also, make sure you know what’s behind the wall before you drill a hole. If you hit piping, you’ll need to call out a residential plumber.

Add A New Light Fitting

You shouldn’t play around with the electrics in your bathroom, but you can experiment with light fittings. Adding a new surround or lighting element can change the atmosphere of the room entirely.

You can also swap out old light bulbs for new ones if you want to give the bathroom a new ambiance. Perhaps you want to make it brighter or dimmer: the choice is yours.

Replace The Tub

Replacing the tub sounds like something best left to professionals. However, homeowners with advanced DIY skills can take it on.

If your tub has seen better days, remove it and replace it with a newer, better one. Get rid of the old caulk around the shower and install a pebble tile floor and basin to make it look more luxurious.

When replacing your shower, focus on the external features, like the surround and shower head. These provide the biggest bang for the buck and make your interiors more visually attractive.

Re-Do The Tiling

You can also try your hand at re-doing the tiling. Adding new tiles can improve your bathroom’s waterproofing and make it more attractive at the same time.

Hiring professionals to do tiling for you is expensive because it is a time-consuming process. They need to lay each tile individually, one by one, and then leave them to set.

This project is a great one to undertake if you’re on a budget and you have some basic tiling skills. Don’t attempt it if you’re completely new to tiling and haven’t done it before. You are much more likely to make mistakes.

Tiles come in various styles and patterns to fit your budget. Basic tiles are surprisingly inexpensive and look great when properly installed.


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