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Bachelorette Party Tips for the Modern Bride

This post originally appeared on our old site Born to be a Bride as "How to be a Bachelorette: Part One."

In answer to Josh’s need to have two bachelor parties, I decided to throw myself a second bachelorette, a week before the big one with my bridesmaids and hometown crew. I rallied up some fabulous Texas gals and we hit Uptown Dallas in a frenzy of uncomfortable shoes, styling product-resistant hair, and insatiable, margarita-specific appetites.


A few people have joked about the evening, but I assure you we kept it classy. As I head to the airport to embark on Bachelorette Party Number Two, I thought I would offer some tips for the bride-to-be on how to be a bachelorette.

1. Let your friends spoil you. They want to do this, they made the plans, they love you, and you’ve either done it for them or plan to in the future when their time comes.

…that said…

2. Don’t be a princess. I paid for my own dinner on Friday and wouldn’t have had it any other way. My girls insisted on keeping the drinks coming which I appreciated. But I made sure to have a bottle of wine chilling when they arrived at my home and not to act like an entitled half-wit, whether it was my party or not.

3. Leave the icky strippers to your fiancee. I have no interest in seeing anyone naked except for him. And maybe, you know, the next pregnant celeb who wears nothing but body paint on the cover of Marie Claire.

4. Penis accessories are a necessary part of life. Accept this truth and utilize them as instructed. (I actually LOVE my lipstick!)

5. Text your man. Or call if you can. Even though guys claim they love when you’re out with your friends, they still need to know you’re thinking of them.

6. Rock the dress. If it’s your bachelorette party, the answer is always, NO, that dress is not too short.

Have fun y’all! I sure am. xoxo



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