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Adding A Personal Touch To Your Home

Your home should be an extension of your family. One of the most exciting aspects of buying a property to call home is having the freedom to put your own stamp on it and create a place that is special to you. If you’ve recently moved, or you’re keen to personalize a blank canvas, here are some ways you can add those all-important personal touches.

Image: Pexels

Get Creative

Whether you have children, or you enjoy arts and crafts and being creative, exercising your talents is an excellent way to personalize living spaces and showcase your personalities. There are all kinds of activities you can try to produce bespoke pieces for your walls, including painting, drawing, photography and collage.

If you’re not naturally creative, or you’ve seen images or decorative pieces in hotels, coffee shops or museums you’d like to replicate, search online for guides and video tutorials. You can learn to design hip, movie-style posters, print on wood, build photographic collages or create galleries with your children’s masterpieces. Using your own talents is a surefire way to conjure up a unique, bespoke design that will also provide a talking point when visitors pop round.

Embrace Upcycling

Upcycling is a trend on the up, with many people keen to reduce waste and use what they’ve already got to enhance their home decor. If you’ve got old chairs or chests, or you’ve inherited a couch that isn’t to your taste, don’t chuck them on the trash pile just yet. The aim of upcycling is to breathe new life into existing pieces of furniture or wall art to create something that will fit in your home perfectly.

You can reupholster chairs and sofas, varnish or paint tables, chests and sideboards, or even transform kitchen tables into games tables or old wardrobes into a cool themed shelving unit for kids. There are loads of ideas online, and you can also follow step-by-step guides if you see projects that you love.

Share Memories

One of the most impactful ways you can personalize your home is by sharing memories through printing and framing photographs, ordering custom canvases or displaying mementos from trips, vacations or family days out. You can turn photographs into calendars, framed prints or wall canvases and you can also exhibit souvenirs like theme park tickets from your first family vacation or tickets from the first concert you went to with your partner. There are myriad ways you can make a feature of your memories, from placing frames in open shelves and display cabinets to hanging wall art and turning a wall in the kitchen into a magnet or a photo gallery to show where you’ve been in the world.

Image: Pexels

For many of us, home is our favorite place. If you’re looking to add a personal touch to transform your house into a home, hopefully, these ideas have given you inspiration. Don’t be afraid to get creative, to share special memories and reminisce and to showcase your style and personality.


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