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A Wednesday Morning & Motherhood Revelations

This post originally appeared on our old blog, Born to be a Bride.

Motherhood at its core revealed itself to me this morning, and I’m certain though it’s done this many times already, it isn’t finished. All of these revelations, of course, contradict each other. But here’s today:

On this icy yet sunny Wednesday morning in January, I kissed my husband goodbye as he exited for work followed by a four-day trip to London for a wedding I was invited to yet cannot attend (not ready to leave baby, not interested in exposing her to the stress and germs of the plane. Or, more honestly, not willing to deal with her crazy sleep regressions in the wake of a trip like that, either).


The series of events that followed included but were not limited to: four games of dress-up wherein the child decked herself out in necklaces and even adorned her mother with one; the making and eating of scrambled eggs (alongside a fresh fruit and veggie smoothie made by departing husband before he left); at least three temper tantrums on the part of the child that led Mom to cry more than once; the taking of about 40 whimsical, beautiful photographs of said small person in her bedroom accompanied by much cooing and the peaceful enjoyment of a pacifier; a fight with a vacuum cleaner than ended in clean floors and a bloody foot (we’re talking mother here, not baby, obviously); a spontaneous dance party in the living room during which many giggles were enjoyed by all; the worst tantrum of the week that could only be attributed to teething pain despite a previous administering of Tylenol; at least six moments of feeling tingles over how sweet and precious this life is; at least two moments of angst wherein I wonder if I am any good at this at all; a nap that may or not be actually happening right now (no tears, but there is movement on the monitor). And it’s not even noon. And no, the cup of coffee I’ve reheated five times has not yet been consumed.

And that is motherhood. It’s completely effing insane — and yet I absolutely love it. Good morning and Happy Wednesday.

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