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8 Days & 7 Engagement Photos

This post was originally published on our old blog Born to be a Bride, eight days prior to our wedding. Suffice it to say: Justin is officially too famous to see you now.

Josh and I have not finalized our agreement on all our favorite engagement shots but since I downloaded some to use in our rehearsal dinner slideshow (a week from tonight, y’all!), I thought I would share them for interested parties.

Until the rain soaked it through, I must say my hair looked pretty amazing. That is in thanks to the genius highlights at Sally Hershberger Downtown by my stylist Justin (book him now, before he gets too famous to see you), and a blowout at Haven in Huntington Village, LI.

As we braved the harsh spring weather arm in arm, things did frizz up and my makeup melted away. But we had a blast splashing about with our incredible photographer, Elisabeth Millay, and I can’t wait to show you more of these–and, ahem, our wedding photos too!


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