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7 Ways to Make Your House Brighter

It’s very easy to go online and look at all the various houses and decorating ideas out there and try and apply them to your own home. How can you make your home a brighter place to be? You have to go beyond thinking about lighting options, and think about creating a bright and happy space for you to live in. There are some homes that are more unfortunate than others, with smaller windows and not much natural light. If your home is a dark and dingy space, you need to do all that you can to brighten it up so that you can enjoy it and know that you have added a little creative flair to each room.

Whether you choose to upgrade with Renewal by Andersen windows or you look at taking out the whole back wall of your home and turning it into one giant glass bifold door, there are so many ways that you can brighten up the space and add more light. What colors are your favorite? Do you prefer sunshine colors or more muted colors? Either way, adding splashes of brightness through each room of your home is going to give you the chance to plan something prettier than ever. Let’s take a look at seven ways you can make your house brighter.

  • Make your furniture light coloured. Instead of investing in black leather furnishings, choose white or light cream coloured furniture instead. Your dining table doesn’t have to be a dark wood, not when it could be a white wood instead. Think white bookcases, white credenzas and curtains, white tables and cream couches. If you have kids in the home, this may be a little different to most because of the risk of dirty hands, but it’s always worth looking into some great cleaning materials. Using lighter colored furniture will instantly brighten the home and when there is natural sunlight pouring through, all of these lighter furnishing options are going to look fantastic.

  • Keep the tall furniture options away from the windows. We are looking to make the home brighter, and that means allowing as much natural light as possible to stream through. If you have large house plants or bookshelves, make sure that they’re not blocking the light that comes through the window. Put larger furniture pieces on the other side of the room from where the windows are, and keep the mirrors nearby to bounce the light from.

  • Use sheer curtains. When it comes to window treatments, thick curtains can make the windows look a lot darker than you think. You could use white blinds, wooden shutters, or sheer credenza curtains. Sheer white curtains can make a massive difference to how much light comes through, but if you need to sleep in a dark room you could always install a blackout blind to pull down at night time.

  • Add mirrors and shiny surfaces. We are talking about adding light and brightness to the home, which means if you add as many mirrors as possible in each space that suit the room, and shiny surfaces and kitchens and bathrooms, the light will reflect all of these sources and hit every area of the room – even the darkest areas. Sometimes it’s about creating the right illusion rather than expanding the brightness of the home.

  • Add splashes of colour. We talked about adding whiter furniture to your living room, but if you have a printout you need to break up some of that with other splashes of colour. If your favorite colour is pink, create a palette of different colour pinks and blend into them. So, a cream couch could be enhanced with pale pink cushions and a couple of hot pink throws. Things like this can really make a difference to the way your home looks , and you can do this from room to room.

  • Invest in new light bulbs. Are your lamps and ceiling lights giving off a yellow tint? It might be time to switch them out for something new and bright white LED bulbs can maximize the brightness of your home. You’ll have to have more light sources in general, so add some new lamps and make sure that the lightbulbs are the brightest version.

  • Add brightness with plants. A great way to add new life to your home is with flowers and plants. Not only are they going to freshen the air around your home, they are going to look fantastic in each room. Just make sure to cut the stems so that you can focus fully on the blooms.


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