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7 Reasons to Clean Your Rugs

With winter coming up it’s a good idea to get started on cleaning your rugs. If you don’t have rugs on the floor of your home but you do have them in storage in the garage, getting them ready to be laid on the floor and ensuring that they are clean and able to be used is important. You might have quite a bit of joy and pride in your rugs, especially during the colder months when you want something to think your toes into you on a cold morning.

Extending the life and the beauty of your rugs will keep it looking its very best for years to come, which is why cleaning should be a consideration. If you need to look into textile restoration, then you might need a specialist company coming to do that for you, protecting the longevity and the value of your rugs is important if they want something. Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons you should follow for cleaning your rugs this winter.

Protecting the fibers. Your area rugs are going to have a lot of traffic on them when people are coming in and out of the house or simply walking around the living areas. When you have them professionally cleaned, you can protect the fibers of your rugs and it will look its best for a lot longer. Rocks can be quite sneaky, and they can hide copious amounts of dirt that you may not even be able to get up with a vacuum cleaner. Rugs are often the victim of spells and stains, especially in the main living areas, but also go very deep into the pile rather than just lay on top. Without regular, professional rug cleaning every couple of years, you’re going to find it hard to maintain them.

Avoiding damage. Did you know that cleaning can help you to avoid moth and insect damage? Imagine looking down at your rugs in the morning only to find big chunks of it are missing. It’s quite devastating, especially if you spent a lot of money on your rugs. Rugs that were vacuumed on a regular basis can help with this, but tiny bits of stains on your rugs such as food or spills and even urine will never completely come out with just a vacuum cleaner. Making sure that you invest in proper rug and carpet cleaning is going to help you to keep your rugs looking their best for as long as physically possible.

It’s all about that restoration. We talked about textile restoration earlier on, but it happens all the time – we get busy and we become forgetful and we neglect our rugs and carpets. If you have children or pets or you’ve moved from place to place, you might not think about restoration of something you need to invest in – but you do. If you’re planning to get your rugs back out again this winter, you might think about having a professional cleaner come out and give them a proper thorough job before the winter months again. This will help to restore them when they should be, and make your rugs look fantastic for the season. It can make a huge difference to the way your house looks and feels in general.

You can extend the life of your rug. Everybody wants to buy rugs that last, especially those that are very expensive. Large rugs often cost a lot more than others, and oriental rugs cost even more than that. When you have professional carpet cleaning, the professionals are using materials and equipment that will extend the life of the rug. Dirty rugs can weaken the rug fibers and in turn, diminish the lifespan. A proper, thorough rug cleaning is going to make a very big difference, and this will allow you to enjoy your rugs throughout the generations.

You can maintain the value. Rugs that are expensive when you first buy them don’t often stay looking as expensive at first. However, if you are cleaning your rugs thoroughly and calling in professional companies to do the work for you, you’re going to maintain their value for much longer. When rugs become beaten down and too dirty to continue cleaning, use and waste the money you spent. Don’t do that! Make a point of maintaining their value with excellent and regular cleaning.

Removing pet hair and smells. You may love your cats, you might even love your dog, but the chances are very good that you don’t love the way that they may make your house smell. If you have rugs across your home you’re going to find them full of pet hair from time to time and a proper cleaning can get them out better than the vacuum cleaner can.

Because you love your rugs... What better reason to get them clean – you love them!


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