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6 Top Tips To Save Money On Your Heating This Winter

It’s that time of year again. It’s a time of cozy nights in, plush blankets, and sitting in front of a movie with a warm hot chocolate in our hands. And while not all of us experience bitter cold during the winter season, the temperature drops a little for most of us.

A drop in temperature means a hike in your heating as you try desperately to keep your home a tropical paradise. And it can be a shock for the purse strings as the pricier bills come rolling in. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are tips and tricks to make your home warmer without turning the heat up on your bank account. Here are just 6 simple hacks to get you started.

Image by Skitterphoto via Pexels

Batten Down The Hatches

Drafts make your home colder. And battling them with the heat from your radiators or AC is one you’ll lose. If your home has gaps around windows, doors, or has older single-pane windows, then you’re losing heat through them. Big time.

Shore up your defenses by filling in gaps with caulk. It’s simple to use and comes in temporary forms for renters who don’t want to lose their deposit. If you’re fighting single pane glass, look into window film kits. They’re cheap and can improve the efficiency of your windows by up to 70%. That’s a figure worth your time and effort.

Plug Draft Sources

If you’ve got windows and doors covered but still feel a draft, it’s time to go on the hunt for the culprit. There are plenty of other places cold air could be entering your home from. Check the plumbing under sinks, electrical sockets, fireplaces, and basically anything that leads outside.

It’s pretty simple to shore up the defenses of your home with a bit of expanding foam. And let’s face it, it’s a pretty fun Sunday job too. If spray foam isn’t suitable, use sheets of insulation or thin foam. They’re better for fiddly areas or electrical outlets.

Get Stuck Into Rugs

If there was ever an excuse to indulge in more floor rugs, this is it. And it might sound counterintuitive to buy rugs to save money on your heating. But it’s a proven hack.

Rugs keep your feet warm and add an extra layer of insulation to your home. And the price of one or two rugs will be much less than it would cost you to keep your home hot in winter. Add a rug pad underneath for double the insulation power. Your cold toes will thank you when you stumble to the toilet in the middle of the night.

Circulate Warm Air

A simple way to save money on your heating is to ensure that warm air can circulate properly. If you have central heating, make sure it’s free to flow in all rooms. If it can’t, then it pretty much defeats the object of having central heating in the first place.

For AC systems that don’t have air returns in every room, keep the doors open to get the heat circulating. And make sure vents aren’t covered by furniture. Saving money on heating is all about ensuring the unit is working as efficiently as possible. This way, you can turn down the thermostat without turning down the heat.

Warm air is essential in cold rooms that hold moisture. The last thing you want in winter is a mold problem. But if you do, call the mold remediation squad in sooner rather than later. Your future self will thank you.

Upgrade Your Curtain Game

Just like rugs, upgrading your home furnishings can change the game when it comes to saving money on your heating bill. Keep your curtains open during the day, so your home gets every last bit of sunshine on offer. And then close them up as soon as the temperature drops and twilight is on its way. It’s the natural way to warm up your home.

And upgrading curtains to their thicker winter counterparts will double the value you get from the winter sun. They don’t have to be big, bulky, thermal options do pack a punch. They only have to be thick enough to keep a draft out.

Take Your Dad's Advice

It’s hard to admit, but unfortunately, our dads were right. If you’re getting a bit chilly and the heating isn’t taking the edge off - put a sweater on. While it won’t save you from the arctic blizzards our dads made out it would, it will keep you a bit warmer. And save you a few cents.


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