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6 Simple Ways To Add More Light To Your Home

Every family home needs to have windows that let in natural light. Getting more natural light has been shown to improve your mood and boost your energy. It also makes your home feel cleaner and bigger.

Check out the tips below if you want more natural light to come into your home:

Take out any unwanted obstacles.

Checking out your gardens is one of the quickest ways to let more natural light into your home. You might be surprised by how much light can be blocked by trees that are in the wrong spot or that have grown too big. If you have this problem, it's best to call a professional.

Use Light Colors

White walls are very popular in homes these days, and there's a good reason for that: they make your home look bigger. Add lighter colours to the walls, and then use textiles to add texture and colour. Not only do lighter walls make your room feel bigger, but they also help the natural light from your windows bounce around your home.

Use Surfaces That Shine

Choose glossy finishes for your kitchen and bathroom because they reflect light and make your rooms look bigger and brighter. Try to choose worktops and cabinets in light colours, but if you want to use darker colors, keep them low instead of on the walls. Whites and creams work just as well as light grays and blues.

How To Pick The Right Floor

If your floors are polished and made of wood, ceramic, or stone, it will be easy to use them as light reflectors. These reflect more light than carpets and don't soak up light like carpets do. If you want carpet, make sure to choose colours that are lighter and more natural.

Wash The Windows

Check your windows when you're outside. This will help you make sure that as much light as possible is coming into your home. If you can't clean your windows yourself, it's a good idea to hire a professional window cleaner to come once a month. They won't clean the inside, but you won't have to climb any ladders anymore. Do some research before you clean the inside of your windows to make sure you don't leave any streaks. You might also want to add bigger windows or replace some of the windows with doors, like bi-folding doors, that can be opened in the summer to create an outdoor living space.

Add More Windows And Doors

One of the best ways to increase the light in your home is by adding more windows and doors. Think about extending your home and adding skylights or talking to a sunroom installer about creating a warm and welcoming space with plenty of light.

Use Light-Colored Furniture

If you can, get rid of any dark furniture or accessories and replace them with ones that are lighter in colour. This is especially important if they are blocking light from coming in through doors or windows. The curtains and blinds need more of your attention. If your window furnishings are big and dark, they can block a lot of natural light from coming into your home.

With these tips, you should be able to let more natural light into your home. Are there other ways you do things? Please write them in the comments.


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