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6 Home Improvements That Will Add to The Value of Your Home

If you plan to sell your home, it can be tempting to focus on the cosmetic changes that will bring in the most return. However, some improvements have a more significant impact than others when it comes to resale value. Here are six home improvements that will add considerable value and make all of your hard work worth it!

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

1 Kitchen Remodel

Kitchens are the most common rooms to be changed out, and for a good reason. They can double as a dining room or living space and provide seating at the counter bar stools. The best part of this is that you will not need to completely gut your kitchen to get maximum return on investment (ROI). All it takes is new appliances, counters, cabinets, and flooring! You may even want to consider adding granite or quartz tops instead of laminate which has become more popular over the years due to its sleek look. If these changes cannot happen right now but would like them down the road after selling home improvements, they might be an option if planned ahead of time with an eye towards resale.

2 Bathrooms

Another area of the house that has a high ROI is the bathrooms. This can include things like new sinks, cabinets, and flooring but may necessitate more significant changes for those looking to sell their home shortly. In this case, you might consider ripping out your old shower stall and having it replaced with an updated glass door enclosure or installing ceramic tiles on the part of your bathroom walls instead of sheetrock. In addition, adding accent pieces such as mirrors from Restoration Hardware will dramatically improve the look and feel of any bathroom!

3 Bedrooms

It is always best to start with the rooms you use most often, so if your bedrooms are dated, they may be a great place to put some of your home improvement money. If you have carpet in one or more of these rooms, consider replacing it with hardwood flooring that can also double as an accent wall for those who enjoy the color! You might even want to think about painting all four walls and installing new hardware on the doors. These touches will elevate any room from drab to fabulous quickly and effortlessly.

If none of these areas seem like good places for this round of improvements, maybe now would be a good time to look into changes that will make a living more manageable, such as adding plumbing fixtures under sinks instead of using bottles; updating electrical wiring, and adding a security system. These changes will not figure as much to the resale value but are essential for anyone moving into their first home!

4 Living Room Makeover

The living room is a space that most people will spend a lot of time in, so it should be inviting, comfortable and stylish. This means starting with new paint or wallpaper (>>here's a link<<) depending on your family's preference and flooring options such as hardwood floors. Carpets can still work but might not hold up over years of wear and tear like other materials would make them worth considering if you are looking for an easy upgrade to boost resale value. New furniture pieces, including ottomans instead of coffee tables, will add style without being too expensive!

5 Patio or Deck

This is one of those home improvements that can be a significant investment if you plan to keep your home for years down the road. Adding concrete pavers or decking will increase your living space dramatically and allow you to spend more time enjoying outdoor spaces throughout the year. If this does not seem feasible now but would like it in the future, consider adding an arbor above existing steps with climbing plants such as roses or honeysuckle, which offer a bit of privacy while still allowing light through! These touches are simple ways to make exterior changes without breaking the bank, making them ideal options no matter what stage of life you are currently in!

6 Backyard

The backyard is a great place to start for those with a lot of space and who want the most bang for their buck. This could include building an outdoor kitchen with new appliances, changing out fencing from old pickets to more modern looks, or even adding in-ground lighting around your pool so you can enjoy it late into the night! If none of these seem possible, consider cleaning up any overgrown areas and pruning trees and shrubs that may be blocking windows/views, making this area much nicer regardless of whether you plan on staying forever.

If you are looking for a guide on how to increase the value of your home with six different types of improvements that will not take too much time, money, or effort, then this blog post is perfect for you! Each type offers unique benefits, and one might be just what you need.


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