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5 Wicked Home Improvements To Make Lockdown Life Easier

If you’ve managed to get through the past couple of months unscathed, you deserve a massive pat on the back! This lockdown is tough, especially when you’re not used to dealing with the sort of restrictions that have been placed on your freedom. Previously, the idea of spending all day at home was bliss. Now, you’re going stir crazy.

Whatever happens next, it’s essential to get used to the new normal, which means being inside regularly. For those unprepared because they spend most of the day at the office, gym, and supermarket, a lockdown can severely impact your mental and physical health. Plus, it’s not as if you can go for a walk or exercise.

Thankfully, homeowners can always rely on DIY and home improvements in a time of need. On the face of it, a renovation appears indulgent because it’s expensive and often unnecessary. You don’t need to remodel the bathroom, yet you want to, and that’s the difference.

However, in times like these, upgrades can be cathartic for many reasons. Therefore, if you choose correctly, you can benefit from a healthy lifestyle and make lockdown life less painful. Here’s what you need to know about the best improvements for quarantine.

Gardening Is Holistic

Gardening is a hobby that offers plenty of various health benefits, both mental and physical. Firstly, it’s more strenuous than you might imagine, as lifting heavy objects and constantly digging and raking soil burns lots of calories. Research suggests one hour in the garden can reduce your calorie intake by as much as 400kcal, depending on the activity.

Also, there’s the mental aspect of being outside in the fresh air, and not being cooped up in the house for twenty-four hours a day. Creating an incredible outdoor space is one thing, yet getting to enjoy the summertime on your immaculately manicured lawn is another since you can change your environment and boost your vitamin D intake.

For those who aren’t avid gardeners, you should concentrate on the small jobs to begin with to build your confidence. This can be as basic as removing weeds from the lawn or mowing the grass. After a while, you’ll have the motivation to move onto bigger projects, such as growing vegetables.

An excellent balance to strike is to create a practical space (it produces food) that looks good (you can spend time relaxing in it) as your garden will cover all the necessary bases.

Windows Let In Light

Never take natural light for granted. Sure, ambient light fixtures provide a secondary burst of illumination if the room is dark or the weather is overcast, but lamps and lanterns only go so far. To get the full benefit of the summer, you must let in as many of the sun’s rays as possible, which sounds straightforward yet is pretty tricky.

Usually, it’s as simple as removing blockages from the windows. You might only have a table and chairs next to your entry points; however, if they’re oversized, they can absorb UV and prevent it from reaching every part of your home. Also, switching your curtains to blinds is a neat trick as long as your windows are well-sized and functional.

Unfortunately, not all houses are created equal, and your windows could need tweaking. In this case, replacement windows are the answer as they are custom-fitted to your specific requirements, which means they can be longer, wider, and cleaner.

You might have to work with a professional if you need new windows fitted as it’s a hard job to do alone with little experience and expertise. Still, once they’re installed, don’t be afraid to maintain them to the highest standards by cleaning the glass often and watching out for chips and cracks.

Fixing The Bath Is Super Necessary

A shower is perfect for modern homeowners. Under normal circumstances, you’d have no spare time as you attempt to prepare the kids for school, make breakfast, and get ready for the office yourself. Hopping in the shower is quick and efficient and does the job, which is why the bathtub is neglected.

Currently, you have more time on your hands, but you need useful ways to relieve stress and tension at the end of a long day. Yes, lockdown days are longer as the boredom and monotony cause the seconds to drag. The good news is that boredom has some benefits if you use your downtime wisely.

Fixing the bath doesn’t sound like the most pressing issue at the moment, yet it could transform your ability to stay positive and eliminate negative emotions. Whiling the hours away on your phone or in front of the TV is tempting because it’s entertaining, but it only cements your anxiety.

Caulking the tub so that it no longer leaks, or tightening the faucet with a wrench to prevent water from spurting everywhere, will allow you to fill the bath with salts and bubbles and soak. Before you know it, it’ll be time to get out as the relaxing vibe can make the hours feel like seconds, especially if you play relaxing background music.

Upcycling Is Lucrative

Such is the society in the 21st-century that a large percentage of people would rather throw belongings away and buy a new item rather than fixing it. Let’s face it - you don’t have the time. If you did, you couldn’t do it as cheap as the folks at Target and Ikea. Regarding affordability, nobody does it better than the Swedes!

Of course, throwing your “trash” in the garbage and purchasing a replacement is a surefire way to boost your expenditures, and a lockdown is a time to save rather than spend. As such, upcycling is an excellent way to kill two birds with one stone. Aside from repurposing a tired possession and giving it a new lease of life, you can sell it for a profit.

Okay, it takes a lot of dedication to create a self-sustaining business that is a full-time job in its own right. To do it, you’ve got to treat it like a commercial venture, not a pastime. However, small amounts can go a long way to supplementing your family’s income when you are furloughed and living on a lower budget.

Check out these tips for beginners if you are searching for inspiration.

The Little Things Pack A Punch

All that’s left is the little stuff, and they aren’t essential. Usually, you’d be right because the fast-paced nature of life means there are other things that rank higher on your to-do list. Of course, a lockdown forces you to take a breath and slow down, causing the small problems to grow in urgency.

If you find that this is the case, it’s vital to deal with them as soon as possible to stop the minor details from escalating out of control. It’s incredible how annoying a sticky cabinet drawer is when you’re already on edge! The same goes for squeaky hinges and patchy paint jobs.

Also, don’t underestimate how invested you can become when you focus on a task, no matter the size. Although it won’t appear as if it’s significant enough to help you through lockdown, the reality is that you can while away the hours doing everything from putting shelves to cleaning. They are little, but the small things pack a mighty punch that’s powerful enough to make lockdown life more bearable.

How are you making this lockdown easier on your mental health? Do you have any home improvements you rely on when the going gets tough?


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