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5 Wedding Planning Tips for Nature Lovers

If you and your partner are passionate about nature then what could be better than an outdoor wedding? Celebrate the sights, sounds, and smells of the natural landscape and incorporate them into your wedding theme. Research magical locations to get the best photographs and be prepared to embrace the weather on the day. You could even consider sustainable alternatives to your wedding favors and gifts. This way you’ll create memories you’ll cherish forever while supporting an environmental cause. Here are five wedding planning tips for nature lovers.

Choose a meaningful location

Choose a location that has significant meaning to you, that reflects how you bonded over your love of nature. Whether it’s breathtaking mountain views at a luxury venue such as, or a stunning backdrop with no civilization in sight, areas of natural beauty will create a peaceful yet magical atmosphere.

Embrace the weather

Even if you book a summer wedding, there’s still a chance the weather might be unpredictable. For nature lovers, the best thing to do is embrace it. You don’t want to waste the opportunity for gorgeous outdoor pics in the natural setting of your choice. Be prepared for rain or mud by packing some emergency umbrellas and boots. You could even consider matching options for the entire wedding party. Here are some more useful tips for embracing rain at your wedding.

Keep it intimate

If you’d rather an intimate wedding, this could work well in a natural setting. You don’t need to worry about the impact your wedding will have on the environment. Prepare a minimalist setup and hold the reception indoors with more people. This way you’ll get the unforgettable experience of being out in nature. Take advantage of the intimate setting to get stunning photos of the bride and groom in the wild.

Eco-friendly wedding favors

Rather than using artificial flowers or confetti look for a sustainable alternative. These include dried flowers, seeds, or herbs. Consider your wedding favors as well. Here are some cute eco-friendly wedding favor ideas. You could give your guests fresh potted herbs, fair trade teas and coffees, or even handmade gifts. Sustainable weddings can be just as fun and luxurious, and if you’re creative enough you can make the wedding favors even more special and personal.

Support an environmental cause

There are several ways your wedding can support a good cause. Rather than giving out wedding favors, you could plant a tree in your guests’ names. As an alternative to the traditional wedding registry invite your guests to donate to an environmental non-profit. Your wedding should showcase your values as a couple, so if you’d prefer to support an environmental cause why not use your special day to raise money? You could even go halfway and register for gifts that have a charitable donation included. Or, show your support for local businesses or artisans. If you use your natural wedding theme to make a difference, you can find a way that’s authentic to you.


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