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5 Versatile Fashion Essentials Every Woman Needs!

Your style is unique, and reflects different fashion preferences and parts of your personality. However, there are some items that all women need to have in their wardrobe - regardless of your fashion sense. I’m talking about some versatile items that can be worn in many situations and with lots of different outfits. They should form the backbone of your wardrobe and always give you some style ideas to play around with.

On that note, here are the versatile fashion essentials for all women:

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Black Pants

Black goes with pretty much everything, and you need to have at least one pair of black pants in your wardrobe. These can be leggings, jeans, or any other type of legwear. With a pair of these, you will always have something to wear on your lower body regardless of the season.

A Plain White Tee

Again, another fashion item that goes with so many other colors and style ideas. With a plain white tee, you have something that can form the main part of an outfit or be used as an accessory to something else. It looks great with jackets, you can tie the bottom in a knot to turn it into a crop-top - the opportunities are limitless. Pair it up with your black pants and you’ve already got a classic go-to outfit on your hands!

Black & White Sneakers

Technically this is two items, not one. But, it doesn’t make sense to take up a slot on this list with two things that are basically the same. Get yourself two pairs of sneakers - one in black, one in white. Yes, these colors are here again, and for good reason. With these two pairs of sneakers, you’ll be able to find footwear for basically any casual outfit you have. They’re ideal in all four seasons, and can be work with long pants, skirts, even some cute dressed.

Knee-Length Skirt

A knee-length skirt is as versatile as it is beautiful. The fantastic thing about this fashion essential is that you can wear it in so many ways. When paired with tights and a blouse, these skirts are very professional. When worn with a t-shirt and a denim jacket, they’re casual and carefree. So, you’ve got one item that can span so many different areas of your life!

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Little Black Dress

It would be borderline criminal to write a blog about fashion essentials and not include an LBD. Just like your skirt, this dress can be worn on so many occasions. If anything, it’s the most versatile piece you’ll own. Get one with a high neckline and it’s suddenly the perfect outfit for work, casual dinners with friends, or a night out. The secret is learning how to accessorize your LBD to really bring out its versatility.

No wardrobe is complete without these five fashion items. Granted, there’s nothing exciting about each piece on its own. But, they’re not in your wardrobe because they’re exciting or extravagant. The beauty of these pieces lies in their simplicity. You can use them in loads of ways for so many different scenarios!

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