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5 Pet-Friendly Tips for Protecting Your Rental Home

Regarding rental properties, you’re already very limited in how you can treat them. You may need to avoid cooking certain items just to avoid any splatters on the wall, and this may even go as far as not even being able to decorate the walls. Sometimes, all you need to make your apartment into a palace is your furry friend. However, if you have a pet and you can get your pet to live with you, you may notice that you will be even more limited. So, how can you pet-proof your rental? Keep reading on to find out how!

Clean up messes immediately

Keeping a pet in your rented home is a good idea, but it isn't a good idea to leave it unsupervised for too long. If you're a dog or cat owner, you'll want to know how to make your abode pet-friendly. You'll also need to know how to clean up after your furry friend. Luckily, there are many pet-proofing tools on the market.

Depending on the type of pet, you may have to invest in a few different items, so if your pet makes any messages, such as having accidents, you will have to clean these all up immediately. The longer they sit, the harder it is to remove.

Buy rugs

If you have hardwood or vinyl flooring, having a pet, such as a dog, could lead to scratches on the floor. It’s not ideal, especially considering you may have your deposit taken away. So, you can buy plenty of rugs or carpets to place on top of the hardwood flooring. While this means you need to have good upkeep on the carpet, you can count on this protecting the hardwood flooring.

Furniture with metal legs

While this doesn’t affect the apartment, it will affect your furniture. Whether you're a cat or dog owner, you may want to think about what type of furniture to buy. If you're the type of pet owner that likes to lounge on your furniture, you'll want to ensure your furnishings are comfortable and durable enough to withstand any messes your pet may leave behind. Using metal legs is one of the best ways to make sure your new investment is durable. Metal furnishings are less likely to get damaged than other types of furniture and can be easily sprayed with a protective finish.

Opt for plants

Millennials are now coining “plants as the new pet” while you can't feel the love from plants, they’re great because you can take care of them, and they’re nice as a piece of décor so if your landlord or rental manager is just too strict then you can always opt for nurturing plants!

Get insurance

Getting renters insurance for pet-proofing your rental property can give you peace of mind. It can also save you money. You can avoid being forced to get rid of your pet or pay for damages it causes. If you're unsure how much your renters' insurance will cost you, ask a local insurance agent for a quote.

You should also check your renters' insurance policy to see if it includes pet liability coverage. It may be an optional add-on. The insurer may offer discounts for certain home security features. A pet friendly apartment can lower pet-related costs and increase your rental business. But if you have pets, you should know your local pet laws and ordinances.


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