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4 Ways to Protect Your Home from Intruders

According to an FBI report, a burglar breaks into a home in the United States every 25.7 seconds. Many people purchase a house and are thrilled to start decorating it, but haven’t stopped to think about how they can protect it from intruders. The average loss after a burglary is almost $3000, yet only 24% of Americans have home security systems. Do not be a part of these statistics. Here are some ways to protect your home:

Set up a security system

To decide on a home security system, you need to assess your property and the neighbourhood's needs. Whether it is a system with professional monitoring or DIY setups, there is a budget to suit every individual preference. You can also contact the local police for crime statistics, which will help you decide what action to take in your area. As an added security measure, remember to purchase a home security system with dual purposes such as detecting smoke and harmful gas leaks.

Be mindful of obscure places around the home

Even though decorative plants, shrubs, and trees may add extra appeal to your home, they can also be a hiding place for burglars. It would be best to either trim them down, uproot them, or have a fence installation around the entire property. Moreover, do not leave stools and ladders in unsecured parts of your home, as these could be used as aids to gain entry into your property. Ensure that you secure your garage door, sheds, and other outdoor buildings on your compound.

Security cameras

If you avidly follow the news, you may have come across stories of criminal activities foiled by the presence of security cameras. These gadgets are significant hindrances to burglars as they act as evidence tools and deterrents. Some security cameras come with full home alarm systems or mobile apps. If you decide to go for those, you would be able to deal with criminal activities around your home, even when you are away. Keep in mind that whatever security camera you invest in should have night-vision and motion detectors.

Excellent lighting

Even though most burglaries in the United States happen during the day when you probably are at work, more fatal ones have happened at night. You should invest in quality lighting systems within the home and its exterior parts. Today, exterior lights have motion sensors that detect any movement within a few feet around the house. Some of these lights are automatically attached to alarm systems that go off and alert your local police department. In case you are away for long periods, you should invest in one you can control remotely. In most cases, burglars are deterred by the presence of bright lights outside the home.

You can never be too careful in protecting your home from intruders and indeed most burglaries happen because of inadequate security measures within the home. Conduct a home risk assessment or contact a professional to assess your home for you.


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