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4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You DIY Your Wedding Invitations

Nowadays when it comes to wedding planning, it just doesn’t really sound like a bad idea to just DIY what you can, right? Honestly, what’s the harm? Needless to say, weddings are incredibly expensive, and this is a great decision for entirely avoiding getting into debt or spending too much on the wedding. 

Some people will DIY their decor, their food, their wedding cake, and yes, the wedding invitations, too. But before you dive into a whirlwind of cardstock and calligraphy, it’s best to go ahead and ask yourself some questions to ponder before you commit to this crafty endeavor. So, with that all said, here’s exactly what you should ask yourself!

How Much Time Do You Really Have?

Are you a time-management wizard or more of a last-minute maverick? You just need to keep in mind that DIY wedding invitations can be a labor of love, but they’re also a time sink. So, between design, printing, cutting, and assembling, it’s not just a weekend project. You’re going to have to think about your schedule. 

Do you have enough free hours in your week to devote to this? Or are you already juggling a full-time job, wedding planning, and, oh yeah, trying to have a social life? Be honest with yourself. It’s okay if you’d rather binge-watch Netflix in your downtime than perfect your embossing technique.

What's Your Skill Level?

Have you always been the artsy one in your group, or is your experience with crafts limited to a single Pinterest fail? Seriosuly, you need to be real about your abilities. There’s a reason professional wedding stationery is a thing – it requires skill! If you’ve never dabbled in graphic design or you don’t know your way around a Cricut machine, you might want to think twice. 

Plus, it’s not nearly as simple as getting a Canva template and then printing it out. So, that’s something else to think about, too.

Are You Prepared for Hidden Costs?

Sure, DIY-ing can save you money, but let’s not forget about the hidden costs. You have to remember that even when you DIY, you’re still going to have to spend some money. You have the paper, ink, envelopes, stamps, and all those little embellishments add up. Plus, there’s the equipment – do you need a special printer, cutting tools, or a calligraphy set? 

And what if you make a mistake and have to start over? That’s more supplies, more money. Sometimes, going the DIY route can end up costing as much as professional invites, if not more. Crunch those numbers before you commit.

Do You Have a Clear Vision?

So, this is something else you need to think about, too. Do you have a crystal-clear idea of what you want your invitations to look like, or are you hoping inspiration will strike somewhere between the craft store and your kitchen table? 

For the most part, just going on Instagram or even Pinterest should help point you in the right direction. But just make sure you have a plan before you start buying supplies.


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