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3 Winning Methods for Making Mealtimes Easier

If you feel like you've survived the end of another long day, but now you've got to do the house admin, it can feel like one task too much. Having to get the kids to school, do your work day, and then collect the kids all can feel like a massive ball of stress. So, what happens when it comes to meal times? We inevitably fall on easy solutions, but this means that easy solutions aren't always the healthiest. What can we do to make sure that we make mealtimes easier?

The Freezer is Your Friend

Preparation is key. We need to ensure that we've got enough stashed away in the freezer so that we can put together a winning meal in super quick time. That doesn't just mean that we can use the freezer for healthy foods, but it can also be a great way to whip up super quick treats. If you try this IHOP pancake recipe, you can also put the pancakes away in the freezer, so the next time you need something quick and tastes fantastic, you just need to reach into the freezer.

Cook Everything in One Pot! 

One-pot meals are an absolute lifesaver. When we think about one-pot meals, it's usually to cook a massive chili, but we then have to start thinking about the sides. Instead, think of what you can realistically put into one pot that will all cook together. You might need to make a few little tweaks here and there, for example, using instant rice instead of the real deal, but this can be an amazing way to get those quick, healthy meals done in extra fast time. Crockpots are an invaluable resource for families that are run off their feet. You can find a bunch of crockpot meals where you can put all the ingredients in and leave it to cook throughout the day. Once you come back, you've got a fantastic-smelling home and an extra tasty meal to boot!

It Doesn't Have to Be Hot! 

Here's something that you can easily do to make life easier on yourself. There is a mom on TikTok sharing her quick and easy one-bowl meal recipe for her kids, and it consisted of microwave rice, avocado, a tin of tuna, seaweed, and some seasoning. All she did was mix it up, and she had an instant mock sushi bowl. When you start to think about the meals that you can do not just in one pot, but in one bowl, but also cold, this opens up meal times in so many ways! If your kids are already having hot meals in school, do they necessarily need to have one at home? It's also a great way to keep your family healthy because you are breaking down the components of a meal. This meal had carbs, healthy fats, protein, and was full of flavor. It can help you be far more creative, as long as you have a rice or a pasta base!


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