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3 Things You Should Consider When Planning A Move

Planning to move? What an exciting thing! We've moved around a bunch and it's always an adventure. Of course, when you’re planning to move home, the main thing on your mind is going to be whether or not you can afford it, and if it’s going to make life better - but there’s a lot more than just those details. Your whole life is going to be a little, if not a lot different from how it is now, and that’s going to affect you. But you’re not the only one to consider, there’s those living with you who you need to think about too. Even if a move is going to be beneficial to you, how is it going to help your partner or your children?

The costs

There are many factors that make up the cost of moving, and as long as you keep them in mind when you’re planning a move, you can avoid any surprises. The cost of the house alone will be the first thing to consider, then the amount you’re going to need to pay a real estate agent to help you sell your previous home, then, of course, the movers. The services that are going to help you move are very important, and you’re not going to want to cheap out when you’re looking for someone. Ask around with friends and family if they have any recommendations, and look online for some good tips - it can help to make the move much easier on you!

For an idea of how much you’ll be paying and how much you’re going to be able to borrow, you can check out The amount that you’re allowed to borrow, and the value of the property that you’ll be allowed to move to will depend on your current income - which is important to consider.

Your family

Moving isn’t easy for everyone, as it can mean a lot more than a small change of pace. If you have a family, the idea of moving might be very difficult for your children. No matter your reason for moving, they’re not going to fully understand why you’re doing it; so you should expect it to be hard for them to process. If you’re moving very far away, and they have to transfer schools - that can make it even more difficult. Not only will it be difficult for them to lose their friends, but it may even affect their learning. You should consider the effects that it will have on your family, no matter your reason for moving!


When you’re looking at a new home, you shouldn’t always take it for how it looks now, but consider the potential that it has as your dream home. Does it have the space to do the things that you’d like to do with it? Is it going to cost you a lot more than you would like to spend to have the renovations done later on? While it’s good to keep an open mind when it comes to your new property, make sure that it at least has the potential to be the kind of home that you’d like to live in.


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