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3 Simple Home Upgrades For The Holidays

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When the holiday season approaches, many get in the mood to prepare their homes for tons of festive activities. It is also when homeowners see the need to carry out simple upgrades to their property. From home lighting to holiday décor, everything matters. And if you are part of the 85% who intend to enjoy the season this year because they couldn't do so in 2020, below are some ideas you may find interesting.

Give your kitchen a simple overhaul

If you have a kitchen island, it can be a place to start from. Usually, the island is the statement piece in the kitchen and automatically draws eyes to it. During festive seasons, it becomes the central spot for prepping meals. It can also be a gathering area for household members or even guests helping out in the kitchen.

The truth is, if you've been living in your house for a while now, your kitchen island may be looking quite dull and perhaps, has scratches. You can give the island a good polish, but that will depend on the material it's made from. Moreover, if you find it necessary, you can create a slight extension of your island to create more surface room. Another option to explore is to take another look at your cabinets. If they look dull, you may want to consider new kitchen cabinet paint colors. It is a straightforward way to transform your kitchen without needing to break down walls. If it helps, a new backsplash for the kitchen can do the trick.

Replace doorknobs

According to, over 50% of quick home upgrades include changing old doorknobs. Outdated door handles can take away from the beauty of the interiors and exteriors of the home. Moreover, they are quick and easy to replace, making them ideal simple home upgrades to carry out before the holiday season.

When choosing your doorknobs, you may want to select those that complement the theme in your home. For example, it might be a mismatch to use vintage door knobs for a contemporary-themed décor. As a tip, ensure that these handles are correctly fitted and are the right match for your doors. These knobs and handles come in different measurements and mechanisms. If it helps, please consult a professional before buying.

Upgrade guest bathrooms

If you intend to have more guests coming over during the festive season, it would be a good idea to give your extra bathrooms a boost. There is no need to replace the water closets if they're still in good condition. Instead, what you can do is to replace old faucets, cabinet handles, lay new bathroom-appropriate mats, and even replace the lighting in there.

More so, if you never thought it necessary to fix a mirror in the guest bathroom, now may be a good time. Remember to stock the place with essentials a guest bathroom requires. The idea is to give your guest bathroom an enhanced look that pleases you and everyone else who uses it. After all, when the festive season is over, the simple new upgrades you make will remain.

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