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3 Reasons Living In An Apartment Can Be Bad For Your Family

A lot of families are living in apartments all over the world. However, a large proportion of these families are in something of a layover phase. You might be passing through apartment living or planning to find a house soon.

Why do most families want to live in a house? Well, there are a few drawbacks to living in an apartment. They're fine when you don't have kids, but they can be tricky for a family...

A lack of fresh air

Apartments can be really spacious, so size isn't really an issue. Instead, the main problem is to do with the lack of space outside your home. With a house, you have a private garden for your kids to play in all the time. In an apartment, you're lucky to get a balcony. It means that your children can't play outside unless you all get ready to go out. It's very inconvenient, leading to grouchy kids who maybe get too used to staying indoors all the time.

Very physically demanding

Unless you live on the ground floor of an apartment building, it can be very physically demanding to live in one. Think about it, you have to take your shopping and your kids up numerous flights of stairs every day. What if you have a pushchair to take with you?! Even if there's a lift, it's still very draining. There's a reason that apartment movers exist - it's hard work moving things up and down all the time! You need special help when you move out, but where's that help every day?! With a house, you only have to walk up one flight of stairs, maybe two if you're lucky. Getting in from a long day of work or shopping is simply a case of moving things from the car to the kitchen.

Typically very expensive

Apartments tend to be very expensive, regardless of if you buy or rent them. The main problem is that most apartment buildings are in sought-after areas. As such, the prices for them are through the roof, and you will often spend the same amount of money on an apartment that you would on a house. Is it really worth it?! Of course not, which is why most people rent when they live in an apartment. But, this presents a different sort of financial problem - you waste money every month. You're basically paying someone else's mortgage when that money could be spent on a house. It's a really frustrating situation, which is why so many families are keen to move into houses.

If you do live in an apartment, you probably agree with all of these points. There can be some positive points as well, but the general consensus is that apartments are just a phase. Most families want to live in a proper family home at some point. Hopefully, it won't be long before you and your kids can move into the home of your dreams.


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