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15 Must-Do Home Improvements Before Summer Arrives

Attention all homeowners: it's almost summertime! As you prepare to host sandal season and outdoor barbeques, be sure that your home is also up for the occasion. With this blog post, we take a look at 15 must-do projects to spruce up your living space before summer arrives - such as painting new wall pictures in your living area and replacing windows - these essential improvements can transform a space from dull to chic in no time at all. So let's dive right in with this summer revamp and discover all its possibilities!

1. Paint the Exterior of Your Home:

Are you hoping to give your house an updated appearance? Painting its exterior can give it an instant makeover that will be noticed immediately! Plus, painting helps protect against UV damage caused by sun's rays over time and provide much-needed sun protection.

2. Replace Or Repair Windows:

Here, make sure that all of your windows are in great shape before summer arrives by inspecting and repairing any broken seals or frames, replacing any damaged windows as necessary, and inspecting each window individually for safety purposes. Do this regularly until it becomes summer.

3. Pressure Clean Exterior Surfaces:

Pressure washing is an excellent way to revitalize the exterior of your home before summer arrives, keeping its facade neat and tidy while increasing curb appeal.

4. Have Your Air Conditioning Serviced:

Prepping for summer requires having your air conditioning professionally examined. Make sure to call an HVAC specialist so they can check it and make any repairs if necessary so you'll be ready when the temperature drops inside!

5. Install Video Doorbells Or Security Cameras:

If you want a little extra peace of mind this summer, installing video doorbells or security cameras on your property could give an additional layer of protection and help monitor anyone who comes near.

6. Build Outdoor Living Areas:

Take advantage of the warm weather by creating outdoor living spaces? Establish a patio or deck, hang string lights, and add outdoor furniture; these areas can provide the ideal venue for hosting friends and family over summer!

7. Clear Out Clutter:

Clutter can make any room feel cramped and disorganized, so now is the time to clear out unnecessary items in your home before summer hits. Donate or sell anything you no longer use - that way your home will remain neat and organized all season long!

8. Upgrade Your Landscaping:

Making a great first impression requires attractive landscaping. Plant new flowers and shrubs, mow the lawn regularly, or add outdoor decorations that you can enjoy during the warmer months.

9. Install Ceiling Fans: 

Ceiling fans are an affordable way to stay cool during hot temperatures as well as stylish decorative pieces that enhance any room's design. Easy to install and available in numerous styles and sizes - there is bound to be one perfect for your home!

10. Consider installing an Outdoor shower:

Are you someone who enjoys spending time outdoors? Consider installing an outdoor shower! It can come in handy after swimming and when trying to escape the afternoon heat.

11. Replace Carpets: 

Sprucing up your home can be achieved quickly by replacing high traffic carpet areas with fresh, new ones - this will make a dramatic impactful statement while helping reduce dirt and allergen build-up!

12. Repair Drywall:

For walls to remain safe this summer, now is an opportune time to inspect them for signs of wear and tear, such as cracks, holes and other forms of damage that could worsen over time. Take steps now before more serious issues develop!

13. Upgrade lighting fixtures:

Upgrade light fixtures this summer season for an instant mood booster and take advantage of all of the options available, whatever your budget. There is something out there suitable for everyone's taste!

14. Clean Out Gutters:

Too often overlooked, gutters can become an overlooked source of damage if left untouched. Be sure to clear out all leaves, twigs, and debris that has accumulated during the colder months in time for summer arrival.

15. Paint Your Deck: 

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders to revitalize an aged and worn-down deck or patio and give it new life for summertime enjoyment! Consider choosing colors that enhance the exterior of your home to reanimate this area for summer enjoyment.

By taking these steps, you'll soon be ready for summer! And if you don't have the time or energy to complete all these projects on your own, professional services are readily available that can assist. So get busy today preparing your outdoor space for its warm arrival!


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